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2020-2024 CIP Facilities

2020-2024 CIP Drainage

2020-2024 CIP Parks

2020-2024 CIP Transportation

2020-2024 CIP Wastewater

2020-2024 CIP Water

2018 CIR Imagery

2018 Aerial Map

2016 Aerial Map

2014 Aerial Map

2012 Aerial Map

2010 Aerial Map

2008 Aerial Map

2006 Aerial Map

2004 Aerial Map

2002 Aerial Map

2000 Aerial Map

Annexation Map

County Commissioner Precincts

Future Land Use Plan

Management Districts

Municipal Utility Districts (MUD)

Planned Development Districts

Sanitary Sewer Collection System

Street Jurisdiction

Storm Sewer Collection System


Water Distribution System


2008 LIDAR Relief Image

Public Facilities

City Limit & ETJ

City Parks

FEMA Panel Map

Green Waste Day

Population Dot Density

Recycle Day

School Districts


Trails and Sidewalks

Trash Day

Truck Routes

Vicinity Map


Weather Stations

Zip Code

Fire Jurisdiction